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TUBITAK Scientific and Technological Research Projects Funding Program Collaboration Opportunity

Feb, 02, 2018


The purpose of this program is to support research in Turkey for generating new information, interpreting scientific findings, or solving technological problems on a scientific basis.


A. Project Manager, Researchers and Advisors:

University personnel should have a PhD degree.
Those working in a public institution or a private corporation should have an undergraduate degree.
Except advisors, the project manager and researchers should reside and work in Turkey.
A researcher should have a contribution of at least 10% of the project workload.
An advisor is allowed if the project requires special expertise on a specific subject. The number of advisors in a project is limited to the number of specific subjects in the project. The role of advisor in the project should be explained in detail in the project proposal.
B. Scholarships:

Scholarships can be given to graduate students of universities and institutions in Turkey. Individuals with a PhD degree and who do not have any other source of income can get a postgraduate scholarship. To get a postgraduate scholarship, the applicant should not be older than 40 years and have got his/her PhD degree in the last five years.
TÜB?TAK B?DEB funded students can be scholarship students in one 1001 project as long as they do not receive any stipends from the project fund. It is not possible to be a scholarship student simultaneously in two different projects from any program funded by TÜB?TAK.

University rectors and vice rectors, deans, head of academy/institute, surgeons general, general secretaries, general managers, state department heads and members of the executive committee/advisory board of TÜB?TAK groups cannot be the project manager in any project if they are working in those positions as of the application date. However, they can be researchers in at most two projects.

Program website.