Sr. Research Scientist

Dr Ali Nassib


  • I hold PhD in electrical and computer engineering. I specialized computational electromagnetic, radar and remote sensing, inverse electromagnetic scattering and propagation of electromagnetic waves in simple and complex medium (nonlinear, in homogeneous and anisotropic). I have authored/coauthored many scientific publications including but not limited in the field of computational electromagnetics, ground penetrating radar (GPR), synthetic aperture radar (SAR), inverse-synthetic aperture radar (ISAR), RF Tomography (RFT) and multiple inputs multiple outputs (MIMO).

    In addition, I have over ten years of full time research, design, simulation, analysis and testing in the field of radar, remote sensing, algorithm development for radar imaging, computational electromagnetics, RF and Microwave circuits.

    EM field is a super challenging, interesting and noble profession. It is the one of the fields in physics which touches both the classical and quantum world of point of view. In the lower part of EM spectrum behaves as a wave and the upper portion has the characteristics of particle. Everything we employ in the contemporary world are governed the laws of electromagnetic field. Therefore, it is the eyes, ears and voices of every modern technology from baby gadgets to interplanetary satellite.